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you still have the honey you owe me

<font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Application</b></font>

<b>Name:</b> Hana
<b>Age:</b> 18
<b>Location:</b> 18
<b>Why do you like Joie and James?:</b> Because they are absolutely adorable! They have an awesome onscreen chemistry, and its a shame that that hasn't been explored offstage, if you know what I mean...but then you never know! :D
<b>Favourite Nathan and Haley scene:</b> When Nathan came to see Haley after he collpased from taking the drugs. The sweetest moment ever!
<b>3 Things you love about Joie:</b> Um...She's extremely talented - acting, singing, you name it; she seems so fun and down to earth (video for songs in my pockets case in point) and she has an amazing singing voice! Or does that overlap with the first one?
<b>3 Things you love about James:</b> he's a great actor who makes Nathan's character development totally believable, he seems like a really nice guy and, to quote Haley, "he's not horrible to look at." Far from it, really. :D

<font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Pictures</b></font>

<b>Post a picture of you:</b>
<b>Favourite picture of Joie:</b> So many pretty pictures of her, but here's a recent really great one:
<b>Favourite picture of James:</b> one of many favourite pictures - look at that smirk! (*dies!* lol)
<b>Favourite picture of Joie/James or Nathan/Haley together:</b> way way too many, ranging from 108 to 403, but here's one of my faves:

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