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- - *Honey I just can't get around it anymore;...

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The JLs
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*The JLs*

Bethany Joy Lenz and James Lafferty play the two loving married teens on the WB's hit show, One Tree Hill. Bethany and James are both extremely talented and have mind-blowing chemistry on-screen, and off. This community is for those of us who ship the couple off-screen. Their chemistry is undeniable and there are so many signs they give us to show that there's something going on. So if you're a conspiracy theorist like the rest of us, this community is for you!

The Collection of Evidence
Coming soon!

x-NO bashing the JLs or any members.
x-Try to post and comment regularily so this community doesn't die.
x-When posting pictures/articles/graphics etc...please put it under a cut.
x-If you have *NEW* news about Joie or James being interviewed, etc...BOLD you're post so we can stay tuned.
x-Have fun! =)

New Members:
x-Post an application so we know a bit about you. (Look Below for Application)
x-Put application under a CUT.
x-IMPORTANT Make the cut say "you still have the honey you owe me" just because it's cute and I know you've read the rules.


Why do you like Joie and James?:
Favourite Nathan and Haley scene:
3 Things you love about Joie:
3 Things you love about James:


Post a picture of you:
Favourite picture of Joie:
Favourite picture of James:
Favourite picture of Joie/James or Nathan/Haley together:

To make it easier just copy and paste it from here:

This community is run by feminosity if you'd like to help out or have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Mod Info:
Name: Carmela
Age: 16
Location: Ontario, Canada
AIM: f3minosity
MSN: x0x_melabella_x0x@hotmail.com
App: "you still have the honey you owe me"

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